• First Wedding in Sol y Sombra

First Wedding in Sol y Sombra

People have married in the beautiful St James Church for centuries.  We feel proud and honored to be the caretakers of this beautiful building today and continue the tradition of marriage.

Sol y Sombra is housed in the old church building in the heart of Killorglin town. Originally constructed in the early 1800’s it opened its doors as St. James Church of Ireland in 1816. In 1996 the building was sold and after a significant refurbishment, Sol y Sombra opened as a tapas bar, restaurant and wedding venue in 2006.

We did some digging through archive records and found the first recorded marriage in St James. The marriage took place between John O’Neill of Cromane and Catherine Joy of Dromavalla on 23rd August 1837. That means people have been getting married in this place for at least 182 years!

We are delighted to keep the tradition alive and we hope couples will continue celebrating their love in this wonderful building in another 182 years.

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